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Did Your eBay Seller Sell You Fake Flash Memory? SOSFakeFlash Deadline To Report Sellers For The New List Of Fraudsters On eBay Is Fast Approaching, Do Not Delay! Fight The Scam eBay Permits For Flash Memory.

Posted by DragonDakel on December 7, 2011

SOSFakeFlash investigates eBay sellers who sell fake capacity flash memory, this includes usb flash drives, memory cards and MP Players. They publish alerts, we only issue warnings on eBay sellers to test for real flash memory storage capacity. FakeMemorySentinel is the first line of defense to protect eBay members.

SOSFakeFlash is the oldest and most deadly internet site to sellers who engage in flash memory fraud. Fraudulent sellers who inflict harm on people by selling dangerous upgraded flash memory enter a new kind of hell – the SOSFakeFlash database!

Periodically SOSFakeFlash publishes lists of eBay sellers who have been caught. The lists are infamous, sellers can not get off the list no matter how hard they try! Buyers consult these lists, many write to SOSFakeFlash and inform them they had no idea so many eBay sellers were involved!

eBay Fake Flash Sellers The last lists were published in February 2011. 1600+ eBay seller ids are on them, is yours?

New lists are overdue, SOSFakeFlash is preparing to publish new ones. If you want your fraudulent seller to be recorded and on the lists, you do not have a lot of time to report your seller. It is easy to do, read Report A Fake. Sending the information is simple. SOSFakeFalsh needs your information to begin an investigation ,start recording information on your seller to preserve in their databases.

Addressing information is especially useful, it helps them to identify counterfeit rings operation on eBay. Yes counterfeit rings! There are quiet a few of them. SOSFakeFlash uses the addressing information to connect the dots, something eBay does not what you to provide. Check the mailing envelopes you received, do not throw them out! Should an eBay email robot get a hold of you…. or the seller, grab any return address information they give you, send it to SOSFakeFlashDrive@gmail.com ! In many cases the addresses they will provide you with are also fake! Designed to have you return items to the fake flash void and cause you not not only lose your money for postage but to lose out on your eBay claim, it is a very old scam. eBay knows about it, but do you?

According to insiders at eBay and investigators in the FrankenFlash Project, eBay carefully monitors warnings published at this site. Unfortunately they are using FakeMemorySentinel to their advantage – suspending sellers and removing listings for fake flash memory items sold. This means you are engaged in a race against time. If you delay reporting in to SOSFakeFlash two parties win: eBay, eBay seller of fake memory. You lose. Other buyers who bought the products lose.

Recently SOSFakeFlash published this helpful article and with good reason:

Who Do You Report Fake Flash Memory Purchased On eBay First? eBay Or SOSFakeFlash? Understand The Truth And Your Part In Fraud Memory Fraud.

Some people are quiet, timid, afraid. It is unfortunately they were frauded on eBay, but in believing in the false protection eBay provides to members, they are exactly what eBay hopes for, people who will do NOTHING. It is a sad and deadly mistake. It leads to new people becoming victims. More frauded buyers. It will continue, until people decide to Fight Back.

You must test your item with H2testw. It is a free software and the best available to detect fake flash capacity.

H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

Never use any flash memory item before you test for the real storage capacity. Failure to do so, could cost you your files. Be proactive and test! If your eBay seller frauded you, report to SOSFakeFlash, get your seller investigated and on the new lists they are going to publish, you will be doing yourself and other buyers a big favor!

Please note, FakeMemorySentinel, is complying with the new initiative for Phase IV by the FrankenFlash Project and SOSFakeFlash. After attending the meeting, reviewing information on eBay we voted for it. Unfortunately we are unable to disclose what we have learned, it is in your interest we do not. To the eBay insiders who have chosen to come forward, they put you in front of their jobs – not easy to do.

More Info:

Can eBay Stop The Sale Of Fake And Counterfeit Memory? A Frauded Buyers Simple Insight To Solving The Problem For Fraudulent eBay Listings.

Fake Flash Memory – Hacked! Top Articles SOSFakeFlash. Consumer, Reseller Education. Beware. Be Wise. Learn. Avoid Fake Flash Memory. Learn To Test For Real Flash Memory Capacity.

Deadline Report Your eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller – SOSFakeFlash

Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009


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Corsair Flash Voyager 64 GB And eBay – WARNING!!!! eBay Flash Memory Sellers tigerdirect – kam-dan – peru1962 – whitebluesky Test Immediately To Verify Advertised Capacity. Please Avoid Fake Memory Products! Fälschung?

Posted by DragonDakel on December 7, 2011

Want to buy a bargain Corsair Flash Voyager usb flash drive on eBay, you face a little problem. There is no such thing as a Corsair Flash Voyager usb flash drive manufactured at 64GB. Okay, so it is a ‘counterfeit’, should that bother you? Yes. It is not only the brand name that will be counterfeited, it is the flash memory chip capacity, surprise! Almost every day an eBay seller lists a Corsair counterfeit. Don’t expect Corsair to offer you a warranty, they can not, they did not make it. Buyers assume eBay sellers know what they are selling, a big mistake when it comes to flash memory. Don’t want to believe FakeMemorySentinel? Go visit, SOSFakeFlash.

If you bought a flash memory item from any of these eBay sellers: tigerdirect – kam-dan – peru1962 – whitebluesky you are advised to test item(s) immediately for advertised capacity. Read: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives. You may have purchased a fake flash memory product.

If your memory item fails testing report immediately to SOSFakeFlash . If your eBay seller is deregistered from eBay, it is urgent you report in to SOSFakeFlash. If you do not, they will not be able to investigate and to record in their database to publish an official alert listing all items sold. eBay is suspending fake flash memory sellers to avoid buyers leaving feedback or recording the truth.

Never use any flash memory item without testing for capacity. If you purchased a fake you could lose your files and data. Read: Why Is Fake Flash Memory So Dangerous?

Please see Validation Memory links for brand names and flash nand memory chip decoding. Reminder, Gb is Gigabits, not Gigabytes. 8 bits is 1 byte. You must divide by 8, if manufacturer lists size as Gb. Exercise care in disassembly of your item to decode.

If you need help and information on eBay read:

Fake Flash Memory – Hacked! Top Articles SOSFakeFlash. Consumer, Reseller Education. Beware. Be Wise. Learn. Avoid Fake Flash Memory. Learn To Test For Real Flash Memory Capacity.

PayPal Refunds – Counterfeit Items Policy Change Nov 01 2010. What Does This Mean For Fake Flash Memory? MP Players, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards? Hacked Memory Awareness Growing.

Check your eBay Sellers feedback, type in the id: http://toolhaus.org/cgi-bin/negs

Changing Trends In The Sale Of Fake Memory On eBay For USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards And MP Players. SOSFakeFlash Advises Do Not Buy From eBay Sellers With Low FeedBack Scores. Avoid Sellers with Scores Under 300+ To Protect Yourself From Potential Fraud. Learn Why.

Buying On eBay – MP Players – Memory Cards – USB Flash drives – Why You should Use A Credit Card To Pay And Not Your Bank Account

About No Returns:

eBay Sellers “No Returns” For USB Flash Drives. What Does This Mean? Is It Legal? Are Sellers Trying To Scam Buyers With Fake Memory? SOSFakeFlash Report On Changing Trends eBay Sellers And The War To Stop The Sale Of Counterfeit And Fake Memory On eBay. The No Returns On eBay Beware Of Fraud!

tigerdirect – United States – eBay Buyer Protection? Get Real!



kam-dan – United Kingdom – No Returns LOL!


64 gb memory stick flash USB 64gb

peru1962 – United States – No Returns LOL!



whitebluesky – United States – No Returns LOL!


cosair flash voyager 64 gb


Genuine Verses Fake Counterfeit USB Flash Drives – A Guide – USB Flash Chips Used In USB Flash Drives – Grades A B C D

Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009

Crises on Ebay For Fake Flash Memory Products Sold In 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB – SOSFakeFlash Reports

MP Players On Ebay – Current Prices For Cheap Fake 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32 GB SOSFakeFlash’s Report

Corsair Read:

Corsair Confirms That eBay Is A Source For Counterfeit Non Genuine USB Flash Drive Purchases

Victim Of Counterfeit Flash Voyager GT 16GB and 32GB Purchased On eBay Creates A Visual Guide

Corsair Voyager 64GB Counterfeit Fake USB Flash Drives Found On eBay

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