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FakeMemorySentinel News – Notice Board

Posted by DragonDakel on June 23, 2012

Welcome to FakeMemorySentinel. On our Notice Board we present the latest flash memory threats to consumers. We warn people about dangerous internet sites for usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards. To learn more about us and our mandate read: About.

Fake usb flash drives, memory cards and mp players continue to be listed and sold on the internet. Flash memory prices are decreasing. Does this mean you will find a cheap bargain on the internet? No. The prices are falling at traditional retail stores, they are negotiating the bargains with the major retail brands. The objective? To clear out inventory for older flash memory chips. A new generation of flash memory is being manufactured! Technology change is driving lower prices for legacy flash memory, see this comment .

To understand the cheaper prices you should read:

Why You Should Test Flash Memory Storage Before Using. Never Use A USB Flash Drive, Memory Card Or MP Player To Store Files Or Photos Before Testing The Actual Capacity To Avoid Data And File Loss.

People who assume cheaper prices in retail stores means cheaper prices for flash memory at internet sites are in for a shock.

eBay continues to be the most important source for fake flash memory acquisition. Little has changed during the last ten years, new buyers fall into the trap every day.

Some buyers might be shocked to learn that eBay permits the selling of fake flash memory. It is a rude discovery. When you consider the issue is more than 10 years old on eBay, the evidence speaks for itself.

FakeMemorySentinel serves as a historical archive for listings on eBay and internet sites. Anyone who researches the issue and the harm fake flash memory chips inflict will understand why it is important to preserve, record and provide a permanent internet record, a record that does not disappear. Evidence is exactly that, evidence on a Global scale.

Honest eBay sellers of genuine flash memory capacity are fighting for their financial lives. Many have been forced to close shop. Why? Because people sort by cheapest price first. Their genuine listings do not get the exposure they deserve. If an eBay seller does not use private listings, does not have “No Returns” in their listings, does not have negative feedback and even makes sure to include the fact they buy their inventory only from official brand name suppliers you should consider only buying from them. Pay attention to a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, but only if the eBay id is older than two years and has an excellent feedback score. Support honest sellers, avoid the greed of something for nothing. If you don’t you will become the next flash memory victim.

Stay away from eBay sellers with low feedback scores, with eBay birthday’s less than six months, especially if they are selling too cheap. These are sharks, they don’t dare use their main eBay id. They are using throw away id’s, ids that exist purposely for one objective, to fraud you.

We are seeing a very strange behavior. eBay id’s registered in the United States and in the United Kingdom are persistent in listing Kingston DataTraveler fakes. The two most popular models remain the DT300 and the DT310. Both discontinued by Kingston Technologies, both extremely expensive. Nobody will ever sell below the cost price and it was very high!

If you are a victim of fake flash memory, you need to react. Twitter, Facebook, expose!

Failure to react, leads to more victims. It also empowers the sellers to continue with their scam. SOSFakeFlash investigates eBay sellers and preserves information. You need to report to SOSFakeFlash immediately! Use their Report A Fake tab.

Capturing the sellers and their listings is important. They will be entered into the databases. For SOSFakeFlash there is no escape for fraud. SOSFakeFlash is very interested in seller addresses.

We recommend you never bid or buy for any mp player, usb flash drive or memory card if a seller states “No Returns” in listings or uses private auctions. It screams, shouts – FRAUD! Beware, learn, become a sharp consumer.

If you don’t like fraud, vote your reaction by exposing.

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