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andy-wjm eBay Fake Flash Memory Powerseller

Posted by DragonDakel on February 14, 2010

andy-wjm is an eBay Fake Flash Memory Powerseller for MP3/MP4 Players.

First confirmed fake: August 1st, 2009.

Negative Neutral Feedback for andy-wjm

If you purchased from andy-wjm, please test your item with H2testw . If not the advertised capacity, report in to SOSFakeFlash immediately using the Report A Fake Tab

Articles: andy-wjm Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – Hong Kong

Counterfeit Ring: Sun You Logistics Limited


Zhou Zhangyi

Room 27E,caihui Tower
Rainbow xindu Caitian Road
Futian District,

Other eBay fake flash memory sellers sharing andy-wjm’s birthdate: curiousshop.

Engages in using chinese numerology to protect eBay id from buyers: No.

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